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Our Mystery Customer programmes and Mystery Guest programmes are tailor made to match your strategic and operational objectives. We work closely with you particularly at the start to ensure we understand your exact requirements both short term and long term.


Mystery customer assignments are carried out anonymously by our team of mystery customers. Rather than having a large database of anonymous mystery shoppers, we carefully vet our applicants and maintain a small but regular team of excellent Mystery Customers who understand our requirements and those of our customers. Rather than letting Mystery Customers choose their own assignments, ITS Incognito allocates each assignment to the most suitable Mystery Customer; ie someone who will match the customer profile of our client.


ITS Incognito fully appreciates that hotels, restaurants and spas have unique clientele and therefore specific requirements. Our mystery customer programmes are completely flexible, enabling you to choose the frequency of programme and report form that best suits your own requirements. Not only that, but our report templates can be adapted to suit both your changing needs and those of an ever changing market.


All our calls are recorded using the latest digital technology. The audio recordings may be downloaded from the ITS Incognito website or sent to you by email or CD Rom. This enables you to listen to the calls and to hear how inflection, tone and enthusiasm impact sales performance. Call recordings can also be used for coaching purposes.


ITS Incognito uses the benefits of the internet to deliver Mystery Customer results online. Customers may choose to access their own secure and dedicated section of the website to review their results or to have them sent electronically by email. Each customer has their own reporting dashboard which can be personalised and they have access to an excellent suite of reports and comparative statistics.

Our reports are designed to match your customer service and sales standards and the scores are weighted accordingly.

Our mystery shoppers’ reports and feedback inspire people to improve the service they provide and recognise those who succeed.

All calls and reports are reviewed by the ITS Incognito management team before the sound recordings and reports are sent to you to ensure accuracy and attention to detail.


Our programmes can also assess booking confirmations or written proposals further to a conference or group enquiry as well as the follow up enquiry process to determine whether business opportunities are being maximised and whether customers are being dealt with professionally.


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Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopper Programme
We have been very satisfied with the quality of the services of ITS Incognito, whom we find to be consistent, friendly, helpful and professional.
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