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Mystery Customer Testimonials

"I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your marvellous Mystery Shopper team. My confidence when speaking on the phone and also in person has grown so much since working as a Mystery Shopper for ITS Incognito and it has definitely helped in my full time job role."
G.H. - an ITS Incognito Mystery Customer

"I started working as a Mystery Shopper with ITS Incognito 5 to 6 years ago along with many other mystery shopping companies that I had also registered with. I was looking for a way to earn additional income which was enjoyable and gave me flexibility while looking after my young children. It soon became very clear that the time and training that was invested in me at ITS Incognito by Peta was of a much higher quality than I had received elsewhere and it allowed me to flourish. I enjoyed the variety of the work I was offered, from hotel calls to hotel overnights, etc and the feedback I received which enabled me to become really confident with all the assignments I was offered. I then chose to stop working with all the other mystery shopping companies and focused my attention solely on ITS Incognito. This paid off as I am now one of the Project Coordinators that assists our team of mystery shoppers with their assignments. It's a very interesting and challenging role which keeps me on my toes but still allows me the flexibility to choose my working hours. I've enjoyed every step of this learning process!"
D.E. - Mystery Guest Project Co-ordinator

"Working with ITS Incognito has hugely helped me develop my report writing skills and attention to detail. I now consistently score highly on my reports with other Mystery Shopping companies too, as a result of all I have learnt with ITS Incognito."
A.H. - an ITS Incognito Quality Assurance Co-ordinator

"Working alongside ITS Incognito has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It has helped me develop my skills and cascade my knowledge in the area of sales and customer service, under the umbrella of a efficient and professional organisation"
M.L. - an ITS Incognito Mystery Assessor

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