Competitor Analysis

Mystery Shopping can also be used as a tool to monitor and measure the performance of your competitors. Our competitor analysis provides useful information on the standards, marketing strategies, and pricing tactics of your competitors. Whilst we specialise in hotel competitor analysis, our systems and processes are suitable for any hospitality company. Find out more about competitor analysis or competitor benchmarking:

Competitor Benchmarking

Evaluation and comparison of your hotel, venue or call centre with your competitors. Our Mystery Customers make an agreed number of calls to your sales staff and to your main competitors as part of a one off or regular competitor benchmarking programme.

Regular and ongoing measurement will enable you to compare your performance to your competitors. Our competitor benchmarking programme focuses on areas such as call handling, sales skills, and brand projection. This powerful intelligence will enable you to implement actions for competitor advantage.

Competitor Pricing & Availability Analysis

How do your prices compare to your competitors? If you are selling a service or product such as a hotel bedroom which has a fluctuating price dependent on availability and demand, it can be hard to keep track of your position in relation to your competitors.

Our Mystery Customers will monitor your competitors' prices & availability on a regular basis and compare these with yours, enabling you to also see the prices your staff are quoting. Results are e-mailed to you immediately to enable you to review your own selling strategies.


  • Independent evaluation
  • Mystery Customers who are trained to mirror your real-world callers
  • Bespoke Call Scenarios
  • Detailed Sales Process Measurement Report
  • Sound file recording of each call to your sales staff
  • Monthly comparative and trend summaries


  • Compare your service objectively to your competitors
  • Observe your competitors' strengths and weaknesses from a customer perspective and not your own
  • Discover your company's competitive advantage; the reason your customers do business with you instead of your competitors
  • Use the information provided to communicate your competitive advantage effectively to win potential customers
  • Analysing current issues and your competitors' offerings may spur ideas for innovative improvements to your product and service offerings