Benefits of ITS Incognito's Customer Surveys

  • Information is gathered without creating work for your own staff
  • Instant on-line access to results
  • Highlights areas of good and poor performance
  • Enables immediate attention to problem areas
  • Identifies outstanding employees
  • All opinions and complaints are recorded without bias
  • Identifies need for new products or services
  • Provides customers with online facility rather than paper guest questionnaires
  • User friendly
  • Independent, professional and objective service

Customer Surveys

What do your customers really think of the service your company provides?

Customer surveys are powerful tools for any company that wants to retain its customers and measure its employees, service, and products. ITS Incognito's customer surveys will measure your customers' satisfaction, perceptions, and loyalty. We will provide you with the information you need to help drive your business forward.

Web-Based Customer Surveys

Our Customer Surveys are unique and designed specifically for each customer. Your customers will receive a personal invitation to respond to a customized satisfaction survey on the internet. Surveys are hosted by ITS Incognito on our website and results can be viewed live or delivered via e-mail. Customers can be transferred to your company website upon submitting their completed survey.

Did you know that whilst many guests will not bother to fill a hotel guest questionnaire by hand, they are more likely to complete an online customer survey?

Contact ITS Incognito to see how we can help you with your Customer Survey.

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